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What is Leisure Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping?

A leisure vinyl vehicle wrap involves covering the panels of a car with large self adhesive vinyl sheets that with the correct application techniques, conforms and stretches to completely cover and effectively change the appearance of the car / bike / boat or whatever else it is being applied to.

Huge Range of Colors and Finishes!

Tired of the color of your ride? Choose from a huge variety of colors and finishes. Gloss, Metallic and even Matte or Satin colors are available from 3M, Hexis, Avery and various other big manufacturers.

Carbon and Other Specialty Finishes!

Not only can we wrap your car in colored vinyls, but also for something different, we have many specialty vinyls available including Carbon Fibre, Shinny Chrome, Brushed Steel, Croc Skin and even a small range of Pearlescent vinyls that flip colors under different lighting conditions.

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